Telepsychiatry in the medical home: your primary care office


The most effective mental health care delivery comes when primary care physicians and psychiatrists work together.


 of patients receive mental health care via their PCP


PCPs see a return of up to $6 for every $1 invested in BHI


reduction in time to treatment target in the collaborative care model

In just 1 hour a week, our telepsychiatrists manage treatment of up to 25 patients.

By including case consultation in addition to face-to-face visits, our psychiatrists are able to affect the care of many more patients, therefore dramatically increasing access to mental health care. Over a decade of research in Behavioral Health Integration has shown collaborative care increases access to mental health care. New Medicare codes provide more opportunities for reimbursement to PCPs for collaborative psychiatric services, ultimately improving your practice’s bottom line.

Our Process


Evaluate what it will take to cost-effectively implement a telepsychiatrist for BHI into your practice.


Train key staff, create a marketing and education plan for patients while providing ongoing learning opportunities for your care team.


Behavioral health integration requires constant monitoring and quality improvement. Our psychiatrists are continually trained on changing regulations and best practices.

Our Values

At Collaborative Psychiatric Care we value flexibility, authenticity, and transparency. As a result, we’ve created a diverse team to serve your needs. This includes psychiatrists, mental health care advocates, telehealth lawyers, graphic and web designers, healthcare accounting specialists, and business consultants that work together to improve patient outcomes, lower your costs, and help your practice become more successful.

About Jenys Allende MD

Jenys Allende is the founder of Collaborative Psychiatric Care, a company on a mission to improve access to quality mental health through behavioral health integration with primary care physicians via telemedicine.

Allende is an accomplished psychiatrist with 12 state licenses and experience in over 80 telepsychiatry settings. Dr. Allende has utilized this experience to establish a model of care that she believes puts together the best practices in telepsychiatry.

Dr. Allende was inspired by her mother, a successful retired pediatrician, and one of the first women to graduate medical school in the Dominican Republic. She continues her family’s legacy of serving disadvantaged populations, especially those who are Spanish-speaking.

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